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Graduation Project Support




Graduation Project Support (GPS) program includes full FREE technical support for the students during all the stages of their project through our technical support team, sponsoring role in the competitions like EED and MIE , enhancing student's presentation and interviewing skills through a free of charge sessions in both topics and marketing advisor in some cases.



Our mission is to lead you to the first real step in your practical life......

GPS is a Graduation Project Support Program that proudly offers the following:

1-Allocates time and makes arrangements to work with the student on the project.
2-Provides suggestions and advice to the student on applicable aspects of the research paper, product, portfolio, and oral presentation.
3-Provides accurate and honest verification of the student’s work.
4-Serves as a support and resource to the student in all stages of the graduation project process.


History of work

ELTRAAX Graduation Project Support program (GPS) accomplishments:

At 2007/2008 ELTraax sponsored the first Egyptian WiMax Planning Tool with a 90% of completion.

At 2008/2009 ELTraax sponsored 25 projects all with innovating and striking ideas including EED 2009 Winner.

At 2009/2010 ELTraax sponsored 14 projects including EED 2010 winner and gave technical support for one EED 2010 winner and one MIE 2010 winner.

At 2010/2011 ELTraax sponsored 18 projects and gave technical support for one EED 2011 winner and one MIE 2011.


To register in the GPS Program please visit the following Link :